Friday, July 27, 2012

Nigerian Potential

It is so good to see young members of our generation exploring the many talents that God has given them.

I come from a family like most of us, who are a prominent or a well-to-do Nigerian family.

They are all sorts: lawyers, bankers, accountants, doctors, business men and women, economists, politicians...



Take a deep breath...

As you have probably noticed, a lot of Nigerian families have a system. The children tend to go down the professional career path 'cause to be honest, that's all we've ever known or been exposed to. 
It is no one's fault per se that we do not grow up wanting to be psychologists, vets, teachers, artists, photographers or hairdressers. It is just not how the system works. 

I remember wanting to be at least two of those things listed above, and that was met with the greatest rebuttal. 

"It is not going to put food on the table. Do this degree first and then you can do what ever you want." 

To some extent our parents are right.

I mean with the financial downturn and the fact that majority of the Nigerian Society do not have time to talk about their feelings, or pay for a vet to check out their pets; what job can you do that will give you financial security?

However, over the past four years I have seen a change. I have met people who study all sorts, Art, Photography, English, Psychology etc. Fellow young Nigerians, like you and me. 

People are not only openly discussing their success, whether in Fashion, Music or Writing, but they are also actively pursuing them as careers and some have done amazingly well for themselves. 

I have had some regrets, with some of the decisions I have made, but I hope that they were as God has planned them to be. Stepping stones in my life. 

So to all the young people out there who are making it, who are working on it, or who are exploring it. Kudos to you all. Keep at it. 

Parents, support your kids. There are already a million people out there who are praying for your child to fail, don't be one of them.

Young Nigerians out there: as we know, breaking the mould requires courage, risk-taking, and a lot of passion.

SO Wake up people. We live in a different world now. 

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