Thursday, December 27, 2012

Seasons Greetings

Merrrry Christmas everybody! 
I hope you are all enjoying the holidays.
I'm back at home and I'm loving being with the family. 
I have however, been working...
I spent a week at a radio station interning, which was fun. 
Even though I am currently studying Law, there are so many opportunities out there. 
Especially in Nigeria. 
Never lose hope. 
Just a little nota bene before the New Year. 
Thank you all so much for reading my posts thus far!
Do look forward to more posts, more news and more updates! 
Much love, 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

DRB - LasGidi

Or the Double Rap Boys as they used to be known as, are a young and fresh group. 
Bolaji better known as 'Boj' charms all the ladies with his voice. Ladipo aka 'FreshL' never fails to give us a sick verse and Teni aka 'TeeZee' sexily delivers his lyrical genius. 
They bring something new to the music scene inspired by their time in London as well as Afrobeat as we know it. 
Currently, every other tweet on my TL is all about the boys and their music, they sometimes even have me a little bit excited with their songs.
I believe the song that really kick started their rise to fame (big time) is Toyin. 
A song which is my ultimate favourite. Check the link below!
At the moment, they have their own concert in Naija on Thursday 20th of December - today! So make sure you get your last minute tickets. Some of the people performing alongside them will be Ajebutter22 -'Senrere' creator and master of the beat as well as LOS and many others.

They also will be performing with Chris Brown at his concert in Lagos!
So people: make sure you get all the dates down!

As if that wasn't enough, the DRB boys have released a single with Shank 
(one of my favourite Nigerian artists) -
 It's like Afrobeat meets Funky so check it out!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Clan by the Sagoe Sisters

Clan is a Fashion Label owned by 3 sisters: Teni, Aba and Tiwa. 
The youngest of which is 15!
It is amazing to see what young people can come up with, if given the time, opportunity and encouragement. They recently showcased their collection at the Arise 2012 Magazine's Fashion Week, 
Clan has only been around for a year and they have done so well thus far! 
And below are some of my favourite pieces!

S/S 2013
S/S 2013
Aba, Tiwa and Teni Sagoe

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mirror Me by Fisayo Longe

Fisayomi Longe is a young Nigerian who loves travelling, music and fashion. 
With all those loves, she decided to start a blog. As an amazing stylist, she picks intricate pieces of clothing and accessories and pairs them together.  Usually, she does so in ways you might not have previously imagined. Her statement shoes, bags and jackets, leave her readers coming back for more. 
I go on her blog 'Mirror Me' once in a while and I am never disappointed. 
Here is a link to it:
In just over a year she has expanded her blog to include pictures form her travels, her wish list, even allowing people to buy pieces from her wardrobe. She is smart, young and has great taste. 
She has featured in a former blog post of mine, click here:  
Recently, however, she was asked to do a feature on Ndani. The umbrella name to showcase the top Nigerian designers like Tiffany Amber, Lanre Da Silva etc. It was financed by GTB and is now available to be viewed and for pieces to be bought in Selfridges! Shocker! If you want to check out her feature, click here: 
I am so very proud of Fisayo's achievements! 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Studio of Modé

Part of what my blog is about, is raising awareness of great Nigerian talent.
The focus of my piece today will be about Studio of Modé.
The young lady behind the amazing paintings, life drawings and watercolour pieces is:
Modé Aderinokun.
I came across her blog a couple of months back and was struck by the sheer talent she has.
Each piece is unique. However, together they all tell a story. They showcase life in Lagos, her time with her friends and family and certain concepts that derive from her imagination.
If she ever gets a chance to read this, I just want to say ‘You are ridiculously talented!’
At the moment, there is going to be an exhibition in December.
For more details about that:

Check out her Facebook Page and click ‘LIKE’

For more images, contact details and the like, check out her blog:

Fighting Corruption...
She also has phone cases as well. I've been meaning to buy some!