Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Why go home?

I would like to start first of all, by saying that to some Nigerians, Naija isn't 'home'.
This could be for whatever reason. They might never have fully identified with the Nigerian way of life, or they have been raised abroad and thus to them, their home could be America, England, or any other country in the world.

To those Nigerians who have schooled abroad - should you come back to Naij?

I believe the answer is Yes. We have educated ourselves abroad and have gone on to work abroad for a while, using your brain power and creative potential to allow various other countries and companies flourish whilst Nigeria, that so badly needs such brainpower, starves.

In order for Nigeria to truly progress, we all need to come back 'home'. A lot of people who come back quickly get the hang of things whilst others take a little longer to adapt. Nevertheless, if you make a good network of friends and family, Nigeria is a lot more fun.

We are all gifted in many ways, academically and otherwise. It is imperative that we use such gifts in a country that not only needs our ingenious ideas but also needs a new wave of people. People who are active and no longer passive, people who are dynamic and most of all, people who are willing to put the work in.

It shall not be easy, I by no means want to paint a pretty picture, however, Nigeria believe it or not is a land of opportunity. There is so much you can do in Naija, as long as you keep striving and build the connections necessary.

I would like to go back home someday, and give back all the knowledge that I have received. Be it in outreach programmes, Academy's, or in the world of fashion.

Yes, I said fashion - just you wait!

I met a guy recently who went back to Nigeria right after his degree and got stuck in right away. Some of you might have heard of his project. The Ingenious Youth.

Here are a couple of links -
and the founder on Youtube:

In a period of five minutes I was never more amazed and inspired by any individual - kudos to him.

What I am trying to get at, is that it is not impossible. Even those that have given up hope. There is still hope for Nigeria - you.
For those who don't feel Nigerian - here's a little something for you. Come back, explore the land that you are from - see whether you like it, and if not, fair enough. Just know that Nigeria does need your help and guidance.

Much love,


  1. The system is not ready for any change, the likes of financial minister, oil minister and other who got educated abroad, what progress have they made. Talk about coming to make money, as for the guy you said, he made difference to his own pocket cos he was able to initiate a market difference. Its just a matter of time. Ofcourse if you are a nigerian, nothing is stopping you from coming home, only then you would know if you should advice others to come eat in the naija made fruit.

    1. If we all sat back and continued with that attitude, how will Nigeria we able to progress. Like I highlighted in my posts - Nigeria can only be ready for change if the people decide that it is time. As much as I understand where you are coming from, and I get the frustration - being educated abroad is not really the saving grace, it's about what you do with the education that you have. Our ministers have been filled by greed, frustration, loss of hope for Nigeria and in the system that we have. Although I don't blame them as Nigeria is such a tough society, they still had a choice and they chose the wrong one. I am coming home - that's the point I am making. No one is saying that Ore (Ingenious Minds Founder) isn't going to make money, but it's about him making money, using sponsors to initiate change and make a difference in Nigeria using the talented Nigerians that we have, at home and abroad.

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