Friday, December 27, 2013

Tears, Thoughts and Thank You's

Dear Blog Fam -a- lam,

 I hope that this year's Christmas celebrations were amazing! It has been an absolute pleasure writing and when I look back on this year, I am almost brought to tears. I praise God that so much has been able to have been accomplished, and I pray as this year draws to an end, that 2014 will be all you have wished for and more.
As the blog is slowly expanding, I am looking forward to more Guest Writers, more Interviews and a lot more posts!
Thank you for reading!

Much Love Always, 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Guest Post: A Letter to my Unborn Child

2.30 am. The cramps started, intermittent at first then full blown. You see, I was inexperienced, but of course I had to be calm. Although my insides were falling apart at an alarming rate, I eased your mother into the car and sped through the Lagos highways never glancing at the speedometer nor sparing a thought for the other commuters on the road.

I was going to have a baby.

10.03 am. I had now been pacing around the reception room for the last few hours, I was tired, but today sleep was an unobtainable panacea as I was too anxious to even sit down for more than 5 minutes. The doctor was now approaching. You see, I am a lawyer and I have trained myself to detect the emotions behind the faces of my clients, the judges and the jury; but today was different, my emotions robbed me of the calm needed for this skill and I could read nothing from the straight serious face of the doctor as he approached. I could only think of the worst.

10.05 am. “Are you Mr. Mitchell Aghatise?” I sought to respond in the affirmative but I couldn’t muster a sound. My body obliged me to offer a slight nod and the doctor broke into the broadest grin. “Congratulations sir, you are the father of a bouncing baby girl; both mother and daughter are fine.” Oh what joy flooded me, “Can I see them?” I enquired, “Most certainly sir” was the reply. As I approached, my eyes saw the most beautiful person. As she looked up, I noticed she had my eyes and her mother’s nose, ‘an overwhelming emotion consumed me – love’ and I knew from that day onward I would always be there for her.

Dear Daughter,
You are a Nigerian; born in Lagos, when people say that you were unfortunate to have been born here, I will make sure that although aware of the challenges that people face growing up in this part of the world, it will be an experience alien to you. I vow to give you the best in life… Oh! But I will be careful; you won’t be proud or spoilt but graciously modest while privileged… My daughter, your dad will work hard. Because of you I will work tirelessly with you as my motivation to change the landscape of this country so that you and the grandchildren you will give me will live in a secure and safe country.

Dear Daughter,

Your experiences in life won’t be limited to Nigeria, but we will travel, I will show you the world; from Kenya to Malaysia from China to India from Atlanta to Indonesia from Argentina to Afghanistan.  A well-rounded individual is what you will be, a citizen of the world- versed in cultures and competitive in any sphere you find yourself.

My very own daughter, you are a reflection of me but beyond a mirror, you will be my perfect redefinition, you will be smart, and intelligent, not hanging on any man to be successful in life. Instead of being the video vixen of your life story, I think of you more as the record company director. That you are a woman is not a glass ceiling but a stepping stone to greatness… A pioneer for your generation leading the way for other women…

My Daughter,

I am not happy when your dreams are limited to the heights I have reached. Of course I am happy to be your example and a positive role model, but baby, you shall be even more; if the sky was my limit I need you to understand that the sky is  only the starting point for you.

My Daughter,
I will be there for you, through good times and bad, I know I will be difficult when boys start calling you late in the night, but understand that I have your best interests at heart. I pray daily that  I set a perfect example for the man you will choose, oh not someone who will devalue you but someone who will help you grow. when heartbreak comes; I see you strong and resilient, skilfully mending the pieces of your heart, with the firm belief that a setback is a set up for a comeback. You will be a lawyer like your dad, but if your passions lie elsewhere, I will not impose a career upon you. Whatever path you intend to chase greatness, that is the least I expect, that you find greatness or be safe in the knowledge that you gave it your all.

My Daughter,
Although I dread it, I accept that you will one day grow old and refuse to be called daddy’s little girl but one thing you should always know is that I will always love you, I will always be there for you…On a final note, life will hit you down but your trust in God will always take you through.Long after we leave this earth, if history is kind to me, my deepest wish is not that you are remembered only as my daughter but the tombstone should read:

“… Here she lies. A trailblazer in her own right”

By Mitchell Aghatise

Mitchell Aghatise is a final year Law Student at the University of Leicester. He is the past President of the Elevation Networks Society and an avid Debater. Very passionate about politics in his home country Nigeria, in his spare time, he writes poems and essays on political affairs. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Nigeria @ 53

Happy Independence Day Nigeria!

Nigeria is 53 today! Now so many of you can talk about the fact that Nigeria has not progressed as a nation since we got our Independence all those years ago. However, I would just like to remind everyone that for today at least, let's forget the bad, and remember all the good about the nation and about its people. 
Have a great Independence Day! 

"For a better tomorrow, start today!"

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Exclusive Interview #1: DJ Cuppy

With the release of her Brand New Single ‘I Love my Country’ and her first-ever EP on the way, DJ Cupcake now called DJ Cuppy is all the hype right now! This twenty one year old show-stopper granted me an Exclusive Interview. Check it out below:

When asked whether she would describe herself as Nigerian, Cuppy exclaimed, “Omo Yoruba le mi oh! I would certainly call myself a Nigerian, more specifically, a Lagosian. My family originates from Epe and I go there a lot!” She spoke about how she grew up in Ilupeju and as an adventurous and mischievous child she stated how her “parents definitely had a handful…and still do!”

Considering that parents and children alike argue that finding good schools in Nigeria is slim- to-none; I wondered which schools Cuppy attended. She informed me that she went to Grange School in Ikeja and the American International School in Victoria Island. However, she lives in London now focusing on attaining her degree in Business Management at Kings College London.

I’m sure some of you reading may be asking why the name DJ Cupcake? Trust me I wondered too. However, this is something that Cuppy prefers remains a secret. My guess is that it could be anything from her love of cupcakes to her wanting a unique name. Regardless of the reason, I like it! Cuppy seems to be in love with music. She has always had a passion for it and was producing music from the tender age of thirteen. For most music lovers, it seems like they are their happiest when playing and creating music and Cuppy is no exception.

Reading various articles, everyone seems to be harping on about the fact that Cuppy is Mr. Femi Otedola’s daughter. I don’t think that has anything to do with her obvious talent. Cuppy stated that that time tells all. ‘‘It’s very easy to get distracted from the music itself and focus on the background “stuff”, but [she] can only hope that overtime [her] talent and music will speak for itself!’’ And I couldn’t agree more.

Cuppy explained to me what inspired her to do the mix of ‘I Love my Country.’ “I have always been a fan of Nigerian Highlife music, so Tunji Oyelana is an artist I’ve always appreciated. The sound I create as a producer is called Neo-Afrobeats. This is best described as a fusion between Electric House and Afro-beats. Deciding to try something adventurous, I started making house remixes of old Yoruba records. Tried out a few, but there was just such an empowerment about Wole Soyinka and Tunji Oyelana’s “I Love My Country” record. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to revive such a meaningful song.”

Is she single? To all the guys out there Oya, remove your eye! This gorgeous young lady is married to her music. Between University work and playing at various events, she doesn’t have any time. Not to worry, if you just happen to see her, she might just give you a second or two; use it wisely!

When asked about her piece of advice to anyone trying to chase their dreams and incite change in Nigeria. She stated, “I'm still learning a lot myself, but it would definitely be to realise that we are all here for a reason. Life isn't just about education, work, consumption or death. It's much more exciting and purposeful than that. We each have unique talents and gifts, things to offer to the Nigerian Demographic. Don't be afraid to try new things and make new mistakes to learn from.”

Clearly she is a strong believer in chasing your dreams no matter what! Cuppy is still on an experimental path and I can see that she hopes to make a difference and inspire others.

Check out Cuppy's feature in Dammy Krane's new banger, Lobatan:

Stay blessed and inspired,

Twitter: @cuppymusic
Like it and want to Download ‘I Love My Country’, check out the link below: 
“I Love My Country” Song Download:

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Guest Post: The Nigerian Youth is Dead

There was blood splattered on the walls, shreds of torn clothing on the ground. From the left, a canister of tear gas landed, screams were heard as pandemonium engulfed the hall. 

From the description tendered above, one will be in a class of respected thinkers to believe he was in the middle of a warzone, in the middle of a chaotic failed state where laws are absent and the ‘fist’ rules the day. To suggest to you otherwise may be laughed off as absurd. Indeed if a law-making body is to be found a few miles away or law enforcement officials are in the vicinity; that makes for a very unbelievable story. I concede that if this was fiction, then a herculean effort may not be enough to combine these two opposites together. The shock is that this is not fiction; this is a rough reflection of what happened in the law-making building of Rivers State of Nigeria a week ago. Yes you heard me right. Contrary to logical conclusions, those responsible for the broken skulls and bloodied hands were not thugs but the lawmakers themselves; absurd right?

When I was younger, there was an advert with the catchphrase “children are the leaders of tomorrow”; from my understanding this was not the first time such a mantra had been drummed into young unsuspecting minds. You see, the Rivers state legislators believed this mantra and kudos to them, here they are today. But what good is leadership if you are steering a sinking ship?

The Nigerian youth is disadvantaged; by way of templates for behaviour, there is none. Pardoned government thieves roam our streets in flashy cars, whereas people who worked in the civil service for years are seen queuing under the rains for a pension cheque that won’t turn up until a month after their funeral. The blank canvas of the Nigerian youth is imprinted upon, shaped by his experiences, and if the daily occurrences are anything to go by (of which the example tendered above is one), then I fear for you Nigeria. The Nigerian youth is disadvantaged; while his counterparts abroad are given opportunities to excel in academics, sports and vocational pursuits, the Nigerian youth is made to study under a candle for a University exam that will probably be postponed by strikes. The Nigerian youth is disadvantaged; when others are lauded for honesty and integrity, he is categorised as unsharp and unworthy of success because of those same “virtues.”

The Nigerian youth is disadvantaged.

If we stop there, we embody what Chimamanda Adichie terms a single story, a one sided story that makes you feel one emotion for the Nigerian youth, without seeing what he is capable of.

The Nigerian youth is capable of rising above adversity when his mates abroad will crumble. The Nigerian youth that this essay lauds; is the boy under the bridge who after selling ‘pure water’ in the traffic jams of Lagos, studies all night and gets a University scholarship. The Nigerian youth is the girl who in the face of adversity and strife refuses to sell her body to a corrupt lecturer in order to pass her modules. The Nigerian youth is Ibrahim; who shuns the advances of Boko Haram but decides to rehabilitate his friends who have been poisoned by their nefarious teachings. The Nigerian youth is Adeyinka; who works two jobs in order to support his family and still graduated with a first class in University. The Nigerian youth is Chidinma who rather than becoming an additional unemployment statistic, is now an employer with her own honest small business.

You see, this is the Nigerian youth, and I salute the Nigerian youth; the one who will grow up and change the political landscape of this country, the youth who will leave his footprints in history. This is the Nigerian youth, the one who soon to be a man, will rather succeed in spite of the government rather than because of it.

There are two choices, who are you? Are you the Nigerian youth? Robert Frost said, “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I took the one less travelled.” Which one will you choose?

The End.

Or is it the start for Nigeria?

Let’s rebirth the Nigerian Youth.

By Mitchell Aghatise

Mitchell Aghatise is a final year Law Student at the University of Leicester. He is the past President of the Elevation Networks Society and an avid Debater. Very passionate about politics in his home country Nigeria, in his spare time, he writes poems and essays on political affairs. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Andrea Iyamah

Who is Andrea Iyamah a couple of you may ask?

Well, twenty year old Andrea Dumebi Iyamah, is the Creative Director and Designer to her own label. Her interest in fashion started at the tender age of  twelve, and whilst studying in Canada, she seized the opportunity to officially launch her label in 2011. Her dresses are exceptional, they range from fun, flirty and summery to full on glitz and glam. I  absolutely love her designs. Her swimwear range "Nkwor," was inspired by her father and you will notice infusions of Aztec prints, creative shapes and African influences. 

Take a look at some of her designs, who is wearing them, and her website at the end! 


Dolapo Oni 

Angela Simmons 

New Dress still in Progress
I am blown away by her new Collection! Check out the Behind the Scenes Video Below!

Andrea Dumebi Iyamah

If your interested in a Summer Internship, why not apply! 


Saturday, June 22, 2013


I guess I haven’t written in a while. I thought it was because I was busy, which I was, but it was something else. I was so overwhelmed with all the news that has been coming up, I just didn’t know what to write about. We have over the past months tried to digest news on the spending of State funds by the Akwa Ibom Governor, Seyi Shay’s new music video for Irawo (new obsession), Wizkid wanting to leave EME and the Entertainment Industry’s new obsession: Yvonne Nelson.

As a result, this time, I want to give you an update on what I’ve been doing!

I started a radio show recently. It’s called ‘RealTalkwithGeorgie'. It was something that I was flirting around with for a while because I wanted to host my own radio show, but I had no idea what to talk about or how to do it. So one day, when I overheard my friend talking to someone about joint accounts and how to manage finances in a married home, I had an idea! I was going to talk about that in my show. 

Over the past months, I have refined it and tried to speak about topical issues. I have added and improved certain bits and bobs. It’s been growing and improving (I hope). In my show I talk about relationships, finding love, family, politics, social issues and so much more. I hope you enjoy it as I try to give my show all the love and attention it deserves.

Please check out my SoundCloud page for all the latest shows I've done:

Follow me on Twitter and send in responses to the questions I ask every week.  

Don't forget to hashtag! #RTWG or #RealTalkwithGeorgie 

If there is anything you want me to talk about, please leave a comment below.
I will set up an email address for the show sometime soon.

If there is anything that you want to do, do not let your age, or lack of experience be the thing that holds you back. Go out there and do what you love. Period. It might take a while, in some cases it might be a case of trial and error, but the bottom line is ensuring that you end up happy.

Much love,

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Charity, Corruption, Progress

Hey guys, 
I know it's been a while since I've done a post, but there is so much to talk about... 
First of all, I came across this poster:

And I was so impressed. I am so happy that Nigerians especially celebrities, are waking up to the harsh reality that our nation needs help. Especially from them, who have the money and the influence to make a change. The Kanu Heart Foundation aims to raise N5 billion to provide free medical care to children ages (1-12) with heart problems, and to adults at a subsidised price. Please text to donate!

Jumia, an online retail company recently did  a Charity event where they cooked up a storm and fed 1,500 children in Lagos State. There were a number of volunteers,  including a number of celebrities like
Lynxxx and Ice Prince. But what was the event really for? A friend pointed out that a day of Charity work isn't really going to make a difference. So is this just a PR stunt or a good deed? You answer that. 

I don't know whether you know, but Jonathan Goodluck is going to grant a State pardon to a number of officials including the guy that dressed like a woman to flee jail time and get to Dubai: 

* Former Chief of Staff Supreme Military Council, 
Major General Shehu Musa Yar'adua
*Former Chief of General Staff Oladipo Diya 
* Major Bello Magaji NA/­6604
* Mohammed Lima Biu
* Shettima Bulama, ex-convicted banker
* Major Geeneral Abdulkareem Adisa (Post Humous)
* Major Segun Fadipe

Nigerian democracy activist and women's rights advocate 
Dr. Josephine Okei-Odumakin, was one of the 10 phenomenal women who were honoured by US first lady, Michelle Obama and US Secretary of State, John Kerry, on Friday March 8th in the States.

And on a funny note this guy is the Commandant in charge of Lagos State's Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps and look at what he says. He argues in the full interview, that he doesn't know about the scandal where people have paid officials from the NSCDC to guarantee them employment,
 and yet they haven't gotten a job.
Check it out below:

By the way, there is his full interview if you Google it. 
Have a good one!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Clan 2.0

If you haven't already checked it out, here is a recent interview of Teni Sagoe interviewed by Fisayo Longe. 

If you are not sure who she is, she is the part owner of the Clan Fashion Label. 
Check out my feature on them here: 
Much love, 


Sunday, January 27, 2013


ChiGul in a black dress

ChiGul is so talented. I am a huge fan of her work. 
She is incredibly funny and all it took was one voice note on a Blackberry.
She is currently based in Abuja but comes down to Lagos for various events. 
MC'in, presenting, advertising etc. Intelligent, poised and really funny, she recently did a little skit for GTB. 
Click the link below to listen: 

Youtube link to the VN that started it all:

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Boko Haram

This is the time of the year again when we discuss the group that have taken so many people's lives. 
The international broadcasting networks call it 'terrorism'. 
They blame it on the years of tribal conflicts, religious wars. Which is it?
Boko Haram has been terrorising Nigeria for about 3 years now. 
If you aren't sure what I am talking about? Google them.
I hate to say too much on this matter for obvious reasons,
however, I want to leave you with a couple of questions. 

How many years will it take for the government to actively do something about this?

We all know this is more than a religious war. Boko Haram just came out of no where. 
Who funded them? Who started this and why?
Some have conspiracy theories like, it was started by an ex - governor in the North to frustrate the first South - South President we have had in a while. 
Some state that it was bound to happen. Nigeria is going sideways.
Others say they are funded by Al - Qaeda. 
All the same, what are they fighting about?
Should we all just go our separate ways?

Thousands of people have died, all in the name of what?

Recently, the SSS found yet another leader of the Boko Haram group in the private residence of Honourable Tijani Umar Kumalia, a member of the Lower House between 2003 and 2007. What does this all mean? Why is a leader of Boko Haram found in a politicians house?

This brings the phrase 'friends in high places' to a new level. What is the government doing?
The FBI was sent in a year and a half ago to figure this out? What's the delay? 

May God allow those who have died to rest in peace. 
For those of us left on this earth, ask yourself this last question - do we really know what is going on?