Wednesday, September 5, 2012


It is so easy when you hear all the negative things about our country that you can just as easily give up hope.

'There is no point trying to save a country that the people no longer believe in.'

That is, until you meet a few like minded individuals like yourself, who believe that Nigeria can and will change.

But Nigeria can only really ever change unless YOU do something about it.

All my life, as my friends will testify, I have detested negative energy. In fact, I was part of a school play when we were days away from the first public performance. All the cast sat in a room to deal with costumes etc.  All of them in that room decided to 'bitch' about the play. How badly it was going to turn out, how we would never do well, and for that second, it seemed like I was the only bright light in the room. As old as I was, I remember looking up at the ceiling telling my tears to go back from where they came. I didn't like feeling choked by all the negativity. I thought we needed a more positive outlook, so I spoke to a couple of people, got them thinking about how everything was going to turn out, and at the end of the day, they thanked me for giving them a chill pill.

Recently, hope, is a word I have become all to familiar with when discussing the problems with Nigeria.

Not because it is used in a positive context, but because it is used in a negative one.

"How can I believe in a country that is as messed up as it is?" Someone will say.

"There is no hope for Nigeria." Another will add.

I read an article recently, which I put up on the Facebook page for this blog:, and this is the very important quote that resonated in my mind:

"As long as we are in Nigeria, as long as Nigerians live in Nigeria and work in Nigeria, and fight for Nigeria, and refuse to give up on Nigeria, there is hope." 

There is hope. There is nothing wrong with arguing to and fro about the positive and the negatives found within Nigeria, but there is also another factor involved, what do we do to change it.

The person who wrote the article above, was a man called Chude Jideonwo and he believes that hope lies with the younger generation.

He believes in the hope that the youth will not turn out to be like those that have come before them.
They will practice clean politics, and not be persuaded by the greedy and the dirty dealers.

I want to tell you that there is still HOPE for Nigeria.

Call me naive, call me stupid, but as long as there are people that still believe change in Nigeria is possible, there is hope for our country.

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