Friday, September 21, 2012

One for Naija

Is  a non - profit organisation with the aim of making Nigeria one.

They aim to promote unity and peace in Nigeria using various social networking platforms.

Great idea isn't it?

It was started by Banky W. It is great to see Nigerian artists taking interest in our great country.

They have a group on Facebook, please join:

They also have a blog which I love. They have posts ranging from Wole Soyinka, to anything about the current news in Nigeria. Please follow:

I remember Banky W being one of the forefront faces during the #occupyNigeria saga.

He spoke about the issues in our country on the news and he was one of the protesters that joined forces with other Nigerians in the States.

As if that wasn't enough, I know him to be an extremely passionate man that truly believes that change is not only necessary in Nigeria, but it is possible.

Musicians have so much power and influence in the world. They only need find the best way to use it.

Fela Kuti is one of the most popular, and the great ones that spoke about troubles in our great land. He travelled the world and did exactly the same thing, spoke about issues in Nigeria using his music. - Zombie

Miriam Makeba did the exact same. She went around the world, travelling to different countries and her music carried the woes of her people under the Apartheid reign. She has not only an amazing voice, but a great ability to capture her audience in song. - The Click Song

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