Sunday, September 30, 2012


Recently, God has made me aware of the raw talent Nigeria has.
I was exposed to a whole new area of talent, expertise and hard work.
It wasn't necessarily academic. Just a lot more creative.
A side of me was remastered, cultivated and left bare for the whole world to see.
When I say world, I mean at least a couple of Nigerians and a few other people.

Nigeria is a land of opportunity. There is so much out there, all we have to do by His grace, is to go out there and find it. Things are a lot easier to find at home.
Jobs, placement opportunities, business ventures, even marriage partners.
Yes, I said it, marriage partners.
I don't know about you, but I hear so many stories about one person or the other returning home and finding the love of his/ her life in a few months.


What I am trying to get at I guess, is that there is so much going on in Nigeria right now, that anyone, would be a fool to miss out on it. A wide range of all sorts.
In the creative sector I was shown possibilities in the Radio, TV and Film Industry.
Something I never thought was a possibility for me.
Nothing is too impossible.

I read a post on a friends blog recently,
and she was talking about the Resources that Africa has and its misuse.
Come to think of it...

Why is it that Africa as continent and Nigeria as a nation, has so many resources that are not put to use.

Your first thought, Corruption.
Second thought, Corruption.

Third thought, the people?

Yes, the people.

The people are our greatest resource. The plethora of ideas, backgrounds, skills set and talent is Nigeria's greatest resource. Why isn't it being used?

The people are scared. The people are greedy. The people are lazy.

There is a wide range of reasons. All of them however, are not enough to satisfy letting our country's resources go to waste. We have too much talent that is not being pushed in the right direction.
Especially, in the Artistic category. There is a lot more we can all do as a people, to re - educate ourselves, to educate those that are not able to afford it, and most importantly to stay informed.

I have come across something quite wonderful recently. It's a new website, founded by 15 creative geniuses who all focus on one area. Poetry, Film, Art, Drama and they have decided to create a platform for Africans to share their work with each other. It's an amazing website. Still in awe of such amazing ideas the youth are coming up with. Check it out!

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