Friday, December 7, 2012

Studio of Modé

Part of what my blog is about, is raising awareness of great Nigerian talent.
The focus of my piece today will be about Studio of Modé.
The young lady behind the amazing paintings, life drawings and watercolour pieces is:
Modé Aderinokun.
I came across her blog a couple of months back and was struck by the sheer talent she has.
Each piece is unique. However, together they all tell a story. They showcase life in Lagos, her time with her friends and family and certain concepts that derive from her imagination.
If she ever gets a chance to read this, I just want to say ‘You are ridiculously talented!’
At the moment, there is going to be an exhibition in December.
For more details about that:

Check out her Facebook Page and click ‘LIKE’

For more images, contact details and the like, check out her blog:

Fighting Corruption...
She also has phone cases as well. I've been meaning to buy some! 

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