Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Album Review: V

I love how adventurous this group is. They keep tweaking their sound, allowing it to develop, never forgetting their melodic roots. I remember being in Nigeria at the age of twelve getting my hair braided, and the hairdressers and I would sing along to ‘Sunday Morning,’ boy has their sound changed since then!

At this point you should know that I am speaking about my current faves, Maroon 5. They recently released their new album ‘V’ with their hit single ‘Maps’ already making waves globally. However, the other night, I listened to their whole album and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Currently, my favourite songs are ‘In Your Pocket’, ‘Unkiss Me’, ‘Feelings’, and ‘My Heart is Open’ feat Gwen Stefani. In fact, from ‘My Heart Is Open’, the album goes into this melodic transcendence. You’ll be listening to the kind of songs you and your crush can slow dance to on the dance floor or in front of a dimly lit fire. (I watch too many movies!)

Hope you enjoy listening to it!

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