Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Putting our Ego's aside.

Brace yourself.



We all as Nigerians, young or old, fat or thin, poor or rich, we need to learn how to put aside our ego's.

Why is it that anyone who wants to do anything good in this world get's so frustrated they stop?
They loose all the hope that they had in the beginning... Why?

The reason is you and me.

Many times we do not allow our colleagues succeed out of jealousy, out of anger or out of sheer bad character. We pray for the person making progress to either cease having happiness or decide to ask God to allow your own success overpower the other person. Why?

Inferiority complexes? Don't want to be showed up?

I am not calling for a communist state but I am trying to relate this to,
"Love your neighbour as you love yourself."

At the end of the day if you keep praying for someone else's failure, and your success comes around, you should not be shocked when it doesn't last, not even for a second longer than the other person had. Why?

Well because to put it bluntly, karma is a bitch.* It bites back, twice as hard.

Nigerians will ensure that whoever is doing better than them fails.

How does this relate to anything this blog is about?

In order for young Nigerians, or Nigerians as a whole to make progress, we need to work together not apart. We share similar interests yet we are not all the best at everything.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. We can kid ourselves into thinking that we can do it all and wonder why the job was not competed, on time, or to the best standard.

We sometimes live with this psyche that we can do it all, but we just can't. We need to learn to set aside our ego's, share the power, the wealth and resources in order to ensure a better tomorrow.

That in a nutshell, is the reason why we do not have an efficient system running in Nigeria or a sensible government. We are too short-sighted, we think solely about ourselves and our advancements.

This affects not only the "upper - class", but the lower classes as well.

If their boss is about to pay them, the sheer thought of getting the money has rendered them into a state of short - term thinking. So, they wait till they get paid and claim some family member of theirs is ill and they need to go to take care of them or arrange funeral arrangements.

To be honest sometimes I do not blame them. They are living in very dire times where they might be one of the only siblings earning enough to support the family and the thought of getting a large sum  is all they can think about.




If they had not left their job and stayed on working, God knows what advancements the employer could have made in their lives. If not that, at least they would have a stable flow of income.

If we all decide to stop and think not only about today, but tomorrow, then maybe Nigeria will be a different place soon enough.

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