Sunday, August 5, 2012

I love Nigeria

I love Nigeria so much that I am willing to put myself forward to engineer change in Nigeria.

We are so young and so talented, and to sit back and watch my country burn up in flames would kill me.

I want a Nigeria that I am not only proud of, but my kids one day shall be.

I have plans I want to put in progress to change areas of #Naija life that I think need fixing.

Drama, Music, Film and the Youth.

The youth need to feel like they have hope,
They need to feel like they can make a difference.

Once you pull that hope away from them, then you are left with a country where the youth make up 75% of the population, but yet cannot be seen making a difference in the country.

They do not have a good standard of education to use as a tool.
Even if they did, they hustle to get a good job as companies hire expatriates.
The rest, turn to criminal lengths to get what they want: money.
They feel that, that money will make a difference in their lives.
What they don't realise is that it brings sorrow and pain if not used adequately.

The others work for lower wages as help in the house, beggars on the road or in the markets.

The youth, my fellow mates are not able to achieve their dreams.

We can always blame the government, but we forget to blame ourselves.

These young ones are your daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews. You would help your family, so why not extend your reach to help them.

I want to make a difference because I love Nigeria, do you?


  1. I do love my beloved country, and I'm ready to support any movement for change with all my ability..

    1. I am glad to hear that. Thanks for responding, and I hope you continue to read and be active!


    Good one once again Georggeetttteee

    1. Thanks a lot Emeka. I also loved the video you sent me. Truly great!