Sunday, July 21, 2013

Exclusive Interview #1: DJ Cuppy

With the release of her Brand New Single ‘I Love my Country’ and her first-ever EP on the way, DJ Cupcake now called DJ Cuppy is all the hype right now! This twenty one year old show-stopper granted me an Exclusive Interview. Check it out below:

When asked whether she would describe herself as Nigerian, Cuppy exclaimed, “Omo Yoruba le mi oh! I would certainly call myself a Nigerian, more specifically, a Lagosian. My family originates from Epe and I go there a lot!” She spoke about how she grew up in Ilupeju and as an adventurous and mischievous child she stated how her “parents definitely had a handful…and still do!”

Considering that parents and children alike argue that finding good schools in Nigeria is slim- to-none; I wondered which schools Cuppy attended. She informed me that she went to Grange School in Ikeja and the American International School in Victoria Island. However, she lives in London now focusing on attaining her degree in Business Management at Kings College London.

I’m sure some of you reading may be asking why the name DJ Cupcake? Trust me I wondered too. However, this is something that Cuppy prefers remains a secret. My guess is that it could be anything from her love of cupcakes to her wanting a unique name. Regardless of the reason, I like it! Cuppy seems to be in love with music. She has always had a passion for it and was producing music from the tender age of thirteen. For most music lovers, it seems like they are their happiest when playing and creating music and Cuppy is no exception.

Reading various articles, everyone seems to be harping on about the fact that Cuppy is Mr. Femi Otedola’s daughter. I don’t think that has anything to do with her obvious talent. Cuppy stated that that time tells all. ‘‘It’s very easy to get distracted from the music itself and focus on the background “stuff”, but [she] can only hope that overtime [her] talent and music will speak for itself!’’ And I couldn’t agree more.

Cuppy explained to me what inspired her to do the mix of ‘I Love my Country.’ “I have always been a fan of Nigerian Highlife music, so Tunji Oyelana is an artist I’ve always appreciated. The sound I create as a producer is called Neo-Afrobeats. This is best described as a fusion between Electric House and Afro-beats. Deciding to try something adventurous, I started making house remixes of old Yoruba records. Tried out a few, but there was just such an empowerment about Wole Soyinka and Tunji Oyelana’s “I Love My Country” record. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to revive such a meaningful song.”

Is she single? To all the guys out there Oya, remove your eye! This gorgeous young lady is married to her music. Between University work and playing at various events, she doesn’t have any time. Not to worry, if you just happen to see her, she might just give you a second or two; use it wisely!

When asked about her piece of advice to anyone trying to chase their dreams and incite change in Nigeria. She stated, “I'm still learning a lot myself, but it would definitely be to realise that we are all here for a reason. Life isn't just about education, work, consumption or death. It's much more exciting and purposeful than that. We each have unique talents and gifts, things to offer to the Nigerian Demographic. Don't be afraid to try new things and make new mistakes to learn from.”

Clearly she is a strong believer in chasing your dreams no matter what! Cuppy is still on an experimental path and I can see that she hopes to make a difference and inspire others.

Check out Cuppy's feature in Dammy Krane's new banger, Lobatan:

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  1. Great interview Georgette, I love the song! Such a unique sound.

    Fisayo x