Friday, August 22, 2014

RealTalk: True Happiness

Are you truly happy?

The problem with love and happiness is that they are purely subjective concepts. You are really the only one that can truly decide for yourself if you are happy. However, no man is an island. The people who surround you will choose to comment and cast judgment on whether they think you are happy and because we all define happiness differently, your idea of happiness might never amount to what they feel it should.

However, do you choose to entertain their judgments, or do you choose to shrug it off? As much as we try to pretend that the opinions of those that matter to us, or those of complete stranger’s, they do. They permeate our subconscious and force us to challenge our perceptions of happiness even if it shouldn’t. We ask ourselves are we happy?  Are we truly happy, comparing our definition to theirs.

All humans are different and want completely different things.  What I might believe makes me happy might not make any sense to you but then again why should it matter seeing as at the end of the day, my definition is what really matters.

The problem however, will be if you are not happy, and are simply coasting through life, convincing yourself of your happiness. If you find that you keep telling yourself constantly that you are happy in order to recalibrate, then you are probably not okay. What people’s opinions do, is force you to reconsider your life, relationships and career choices and potentially remove yourself from an unhappy situation. That cannot be so much of a bad thing. 

What do you think? 

Pharell - Happy (I love this song!)


  1. A lovely post once again Georgette I love reading or listening to your work. I agree with a lot of what you are saying. I believe happiness is an emotion that is based n individual's reflection on circumstances. Because circumstances are constantly changing, I believe that, in this life, it is not possible that one individual would constantly be happy. The harsh reality is, sometimes life does give us unanticipated lemons. When such circumstances arise it is ok to have negative emotions as well. With all this being said one most endeavour to have a positive outlook on life, no matter the circumstance. I love the song as well btw , Tumi Sotire x

    1. Thanks a lot Tumi for your continued support! It means a bunch! I also completely agree with you! :) x