Tuesday, August 12, 2014

R.I.P. Robin Williams

It is amazing how we are constantly reminded that life is literally too short. Yesterday the world lost a star. A man who gave everyone another reason to remember that there is always a reason to live – joy, laughter, love.

I remember being about ten and sitting in front of the TV I was riddled with laughter watching this supposed scientist make a fool of himself in his laboratory. He ended up creating this little green blob, called ‘Flubber’ who caused more havoc than expected. As a teenager, dealing with boy drama and enthused by the world of romantic comedies, I saw ‘License to Wed.’ A couple needed to complete pre-wedding classes in order to get married in Mandy Moore’s family church. The priest, who was in charge of those classes, soon became a little more than the couple could handle. He concocted ways to test the couple whilst the audience laughed at the result.

Thank you Robin Williams for being an amazing talent, and whilst we celebrate the joy you gave us we all need to remember one very important lesson. Just because a person smiles and laughs with you does not mean that they are not going through some very deep and dark things. Considering that Robert suffered with depression for many years, which culminated in his apparent suicide, do not forget to be kind to whomever you may come across.

Goodbye Robin.

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