Saturday, September 6, 2014

Friendship and New Adventures

Yesterday I went to a bar with a few good friends of mine. It was a place I had found by accident with another friend when we went to eat at a Restaurant down the road. That night we went into the bar a little nervous because we were not sure if we had to book a table or if we had to be on some guest list, but luckily for us, we didn’t need to. We walked in and were taken aback by how relaxed the environment was, and we knew we definitely wanted to come back.

Going back to yesterday, I went to have drinks with a few friends and I didn’t even realise that this bar had so much more than just the one room. Every room had its own theme and naturally a different effect on the visitor. I fell in love.

However, todays post isn’t going to be about this lovely hideaway that I found but rather about friendship. It is amazing how we walk through this journey called life and we cannot get out on the other end without forming relationships with people. Call it human nature; call it what you want, but I would like to think that friends are the people that add color to your blank, seemingly dull canvas.

There are times in my life, I could not have gone through without friends that have become sisters or vice versa, and it is truly interchangeable with the deep friendships I have formed with a few male friends of mine.

There was a time in my life where I didn’t have one friend to hang out with. It was the culmination of a lot of things, after effects of being bullied, being more comfortable hanging out by myself, and I was also very young. My days consisted of very many classes learning at school, going home and then back to school again. However, I got out of that phase luckily, and God blessed me with another gift, the ability to let things go and the ability to forget. Some of my closest friends will tell you that honestly, I might be a bit sensitive, but if you hurt me, I might remember that something happened between us but not remember exactly what you did or said. It is so much easier to let things go when you cannot remember/choose to forget and move on with your life.

The friends that have remained a constant in my life truly have been through hell and back with me. I found this neat quote, and as a foodie, I quite liked it:

What has your road down Friendship Lane been like?

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  1. I miss my day1 friends, feels so lonely over here plus I wish Ebola didn't have to scare my sweetheart away :)