Thursday, August 2, 2012

What it takes?

All you need to rule Nigeria, is a secondary school certificate.

How is that okay? We then ask ourselves why is the government so backward?

To some extent it takes a little bit of common sense to rule sensibly which unfortunately some members of the government lack. If they sat down and thought about things logically, they might come up with a not so complicated plan.
If they stole money, but showed that they are making changes in Nigeria, then I doubt anyone would complain. At least for a little while. It will come as a relief to all. Even though our government has their problems, they are still making sure the country is working at its best.

Take Fashola, Lagos State Governor for example. He has worked on the roads, the amount of beggars on the road, the traffic, (although that is debatable), he has installed traffic lights, the infrastructure has changed, 1004 has been refurbished. All in all it seems like he is changing things.

Now he is not without fault. For a long time he was in my good books until the Lekki Toll Gate incident where the peaceful rioters were stopped by the army with tear gas, imprisonment, fines and were beaten. These are just common citizens and residents of Lekki.
No matter what some of you might have heard, I was in the estate when it happened and was receiving updates of the activity. As soon as the police tried to remove the citizens from their peaceful revolt by being violent, "area boys" as they are commonly known, also took action, which led to mass disturbance.

The residents had asked for a permit before their revolt, so why disturb them? They had done nothing wrong.

Suddenly, our glorious Mr. Fashola didn't look so good any more. However, we voted him into governorship again because he is making changes in Lagos albeit with some costly mistakes.

He might or might not be taking money from the "peoples of Nigeria" as a lawyer I observed in court once said, but as far as we are concerned we are content because there is change in Lagos.

To be honest we always never talk, well, not actively, but we might just refrain from discussing the government whenever 2 or 3 Nigerians are gathered. But the good are good, and to be honest, Nigerians soon enough will find something else to fault the government for.

Recently, members of the House of Representatives want to impeach our Dear President on the basis of budget use. Surely they can find better suited reasons to impeach him. Maybe failure to act effectively when faced with various breaches of our national security?
In a funny twist, one of the people who were actively pushing for this impeachment was caught out by one of the other members of the House of Reps stating something along the lines of, "Your hands are not clean either."
This led to a fully blown investigation into this poor chap and unfortunately his closet is full of very dirty skeletons. So great! What they have proven is that a member of our House of Representatives is not clean. To be honest, none of them are. Instead of shifting the blame away from themselves they should be actively putting themselves on the chopping block to be prosecuted. Then again why would they? They have money to earn  - billions... so why go?

In the words of Ghandi. "You must be the change you want to see in the world."

We need a new age of Nigerians who are willing to be the change they want to see in Nigeria. We need a working legal system to reprimand those that have broken the law. We need to clean out the government and their silly House of Representatives. How do we do that? Well it's up to us to discuss it.

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