Friday, August 3, 2012


Everyday when we are faced with the most challenging situation we take a moment to think. Think about how exactly we are going to get out of this bad situation. We also consult our best mates, family members or a stranger to ask their opinion. Just to make sure we aren't on the wrong side of the law. Jokes. But we also try it out to see whether it works. If it doesn't we try and try alternative solutions.

We can and we should apply that ideology to our country: Nigeria.

We come form a great country with wealth and opportunity. However, neither of those two things mentioned are being directed in the right place. Why? We can blame the government for not providing electricity, fixing the roads, a poor education system, poverty, and the list goes on. But the one person we forget to blame, is ourselves, for failing to seize back our country.

We sit and think about Nigeria, we discuss the many problems our system is riddled with. We can talk about the olden days which were different. The days when nobody wanted or needed to have gates that box us in, the days when we could ride our bicycles around the streets of Lagos.

The most important element of that equation is missing- the trying.

You could have given up hope because you feel that Nigeria is never going to change. You sit in misery whilst the country you once knew fades away in silence. However, whatever hope you have lost is due to your inactivity, your inability to try even if you have failed countless times, your inability to seek ulterior channels.

But the fight is not over yet, we can still take Nigeria back into our hands. Not alone, but together, in an active fight for our happiness in our country, and for the sake of our future children. No more running back into the cowardice lives our parents live in, it's time to Think. Talk. Try.

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