Monday, August 20, 2012

The Unnoticed Impressionable

I just thought it might be nice to share with you something that I have been reminded of, almost daily. 
Recently, I’ve had people tell me “Oh, Georgette you are SO different!”
And to that I ask, How? and Why? 
They then try to salvage a response but when they are undoubtedly stuck, they say,
“I don’t know, you just are.”
Now initially, I thought maybe there was something wrong with me, I haven’t done something right, I don’t concede to the norm. Then I realised that is what makes me a unique individual. 
You see, we can go through life thinking that no one is really going to notice us, watch our behaviour, listen to what we say, until someone out rightly comes up to you, like people have done to me, telling you what they think about you. 
What we don’t realise is that people do watch us. 
Not in a freaky way...
But they do try to mimic us, follow our pattern of behaviour.
This has so many angles. 
The first being your younger siblings, they like to copy what you do, they look up to you as your bigger brother, sister, aunt, or cousin. 
We look up to our parents, we copy their behaviour. 
That has led to debates about our behaviour: is it nurture or nature? Even when we try to hard NOT to be like our parents for various reasons, the harder we try not to, the more we become like them. 
Hilarious? Just the truth. 
We have our friends. As much as we all hate to admit it, we are sometimes the product of our friends. People judge us according to who we hang out with. We sometimes act a certain way in order to impress them, to make them like us, to feel like we belong. 
When I think about all of that, and I think back to the statement people made, I think maybe being different isn’t so bad after all. Unless of course it was meant in a negative way. If so, I might need to work on what was pointed out to me to be unacceptable behaviour.
More and more, I realise that we make an impact in people’s lives without even realising it. 
So don’t wait until someone comes up to you to remind you of that. 
Be a good person and remember: 
We are the Unnoticed Impressionable. 

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