Sunday, August 12, 2012


I was reminded today that there are so many signs in this world.

Some good and some bad.

Humans are guided by signs each and everyday. The SatNav, the iPhone Maps App, road signs and all other forms of signs. Humans seek signs like they have this innate need to see before they can believe.

However, sometimes you are faced with decisions to make, and you choose the wrong path. For emotional reasons, lack of thought, not seeking advice, or greed. That, in it's simplest form, are the signs around us that we choose to implement in our daily decision making.

Such has been the problem with Nigerians. For years we have received very clear signs that our government is failing, and yet we choose to do nothing about it. We complain about it, day and night. We adopt this passive aggressive approach for some well thought reasons. Those so-called 'well thought reasons', is the reason why Nigeria is still in the same state of chaos that it was in 15 years ago.

We can no longer ignore the signs. We can no longer sit aside while our country, Nigeria, does not progress. All the gifts and talents that we possess can no longer be put to waste.

Let's start something, something now!

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