Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I dey vex for Naija

I just received this on my Blackberry and I just had to share it with you all.

It's by Okem Kalu

"I dey vex for dis country wey dey call Naija! No be joke oooo!!!

Small thing Ogoni man go jump enter wata like fish, for days we no go see dem. See Olympics nah, go swim, dem dey fear water. Zero medal for Naija.

Hausa man go enter boat dey shout 'Argurungu fishing festival!' See rowing for Olympics, dem no dey. Zero medal for Naija.

Fulani herdsmen fit shoot arrow from 1 km, kill anyone wey wan steal dem cow. Olympics reach, make dem do archery, dem no sabi shoot again. Zero medal for Naija.

Igbo man go run fom Sokoto to Aba at the slightest provocation by Boko. See marathon for Olympics, dem no show face. Zero medal for Naija.

Agbero for park, no mind pursue bus for road. See 100 metres race for Olympics, dem no sabi run again. Zero medal for Naija.

Yoruba man go remove clothes, wrist watch and pant to fight Ojuelegba. See boxing for Olympics, we no see dem. Zero medal for Naija.

Warri man go say Warri no dey carry wetin Blessing Okagbare, our own Warri babe dey do for last 4 Women 200 metres race. Abi she dey think say one person dey her back? Zero medal for Naija.

Na who even start that nonsense called 'Naija got Talent' sef? "

Extremely amusing but in  this post, there are serious themes highlighted.

Why are we not properly represented at the Olympics?

Why do we not source and train the above people mentioned?

There is no use saying that we have talent if we:

a) Don't expose it

b) Refine it and

c) Ensures that it excels


  1. 1. We can't afford it.
    2. We don't have the culture for it.
    3. We have bigger fish to fry.
    4. We are generally lazy.
    5. Our work ethic is grotesque.
    6. Do you realize that it will take at least 16 years to build an Olympic program of note?
    7. We should be delighted that we have athletes in the Olympics at all.

    until we fry the big fish, e.g corruption, poverty, education etc we should not think about the olympics.

    1. Yes, point taken. I agree. But it was necessary to highlight in an amusing way, that we do have a lot of talent in Nigeria that isn't cultivated. We don't even need to think about putting athletes in the Olympics as the first port of call. But it is necessary to think about the wider picture. Being that we have many Nigerians with many gifts and talents, academic and otherwise, that are not given the chance to excel. We need to think about how we can help conquer that. (16 years? Really?)