Saturday, August 4, 2012

Viva la Revolution!

So far on this blog I have spoken about the little things we can all start doing to make a difference in Nigeria.

What about the big things?

If everyone remembers Occupy Nigeria, that was an occurrence that shall go down in the History books.
For the first time in a long time, the Nigerian people actively revolted. It went from anger about the fuel prices, to anger about the corrupt government.

Before you know it, it became a mini - revolution.

It was not only a mini - revolution, but it was a revolution that succeeded. We were able to have the fuel price reduced. Not necessarily to the exact price that we wanted, but there was a concession made. So, a partial success.

The people however, didn't want to stop till their demands were met. But the Labour Congress who were effectively in charge of the strike, agreed to the price drawn up by the government,without alerting the people.

In a manner of minutes, the people had no ethical right to be on the streets. The deal was made. Finito. Slam-Dunk! They were forced to go home, if not they would have been shot at.

Now let's assess this for a second. Why the hell did the Labour Congress agree? I assume it has something to do with the possible offering of money to the man in charge. That little cost benefit led him to forgetting about the peoples wants and needs, and so he bowed down to the government that he probably complains about.

He is a sell - out. Like the majority of people who have a choice to make when in a position of power.

He could have been a hero hypothetically speaking.

Let's say he said, "No!" and the people continued to revolt, Lagos was already at a stand still. Give the government another couple of days or so, more price offers would have been made. The Nigerian people all over the world were united. Banky W, spoke in New York about the changes needed in Nigeria on the news. Nigerian Representatives in America were holding meetings with the Nigerian people there about what the people's demands were.

Had this escalated, we could have been in a revolutionary position, we could have fought our way to a new government free from corruption.

I did just use a lot of hyperbole, I do apologise, but I hope you catch my drift. It was clear the people had enough. Needless to say who knows, everything happens for a reason.

"E be the government like film." (It shocked the government!) that the people were so organised and united.

Now, #OccupyNigeria is over, and we are left with a people dissatisfied with fuel price and a corrupt government. So what are we going to do about it. We adapt to our circumstances. That is the great beauty about Nigerian people.

I reckon another revolution. This time to get rid of the government that we have. They are already trying to impeach our beloved President Goodluck Jonathan. So what are we waiting for? Another knucklehead move by the government?

We have had enough, and this has been a long time coming. There is no change without bloodshed. History has proven that. The conflicts in Syria, the Arab Spring, (plagued with its complications), the French Revolution, Russia's freedom from an oppressive regime.

So what is Nigeria waiting for?

It is waiting for YOU.

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